Tough Times

We are facing a crisis and we are all doing our bit by maintaining social distance and not venturing outside. This has also led to most of working from home. While it is easy to fall in the routine of relaxing our dress to code sweatpants and pajamas all day to stay comfortable it’s important to also try to maintain a sense of our normal routine. As difficult it is to change from your comfortable clothes, it is important to maintain a sense of routine, as this can have a positive impact on your psychological health. So, for a change trying these tips to boost your productivity and do it while staying stylish.

Reflection of your Mood

Clothes have this instant ability to not only uplift your mood, but also reflect your mood. As we are in this quarantine, now would be the perfect time to change your style and experiment a little bit. We are working from home, but that does not mean we cannot be stylish.  You could be casual by wearing a simple maxi dress, or you could simply wear a stylish blouse with loose pants or a skater dress for the girl next door look.

Own your Style

Fashion is what you want it to be. Be professional and yet choose clothes that your comfortable in. Do a little light makeup just a light concealer and blush and it instantly lifts your face and makes you feel effortlessly stylish. Sounds like a task to get up and get ready while working from home, but it can mean a world of difference when you put in the effort to get ready. Putting on light makeup, wearing a nice dress or a blouse with smart pants, comfortable yet stylish, makes you feel good and motivates you to work harder.

Accessories to Your Rescue

Accessories will always help you make a statement, be it a simple understated pair of earrings , or a layered chain , or simply a watch and bracelet it can instantly lift your basic dress to understated elegance and you can make a powerful impact even while working from home.

Casual yet Comfortable

Getting ready and going to office every morning meant starting our day with a spot of creativity , and getting mentally prepared to tackle your day head on , but as we our practicing social distance we need to mentally prepare ourselves to do it. You can always wear a nice smart pop of color and style the rest with neutrals and your good to go. Wearing a nice shirt dress also makes you feel comfortable and yet casual and helps you get in the mindset for having a productive day. Just because we are working from home does not mean we cannot stay stylish, crisp and smart.

Stay stylish stay home and stay safe!